Membership at Mansfield

For generations, Members have regarded Mansfield Ski Club as the best decision they ever made for their family.

The Club’s stunning landscape, exceptional amenities and inclusive culture provide the perfect environment for you and your family. In addition to great skiing, we offer a variety of “on” and “off” snow activities that will interest and inspire each and every member of your family!

The Membership Office is open year-round, contact us today if you have any questions 800.461.1212 x226 or by email.


Membership Options

Introductory Membership

Join us for a 1-year trial and experience how truly incredible membership feels at the Mansfield Ski Club – for a fraction of the cost. Over the year you will enjoy access to great skiing, programs, special events and more! Only a limited number of Introductory Memberships are offered annually.

Full Membership

Full Membership at Mansfield Ski Club is the perfect opportunity for a family who is really looking for their “home away from home”. For a lifetime, you will share unforgettable experiences, priceless memories and of course, tons of laughter.

Annual Dues

Annual Dues are calculated based on your individual family makeup. When you request a quote, we will clearly break down the Initiation Fee, Annual Membership Dues and the Payment Schedule.

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Application For Membership

Please submit completed applications to
For any questions or for additional information please do not hesitate to contact our Membership Dept at 705.435.3838 x233.

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