Early Season Race Program Updates 2019

Program Start Dates & Times 2019

**Late arrivals – please look for Colleen out back of the Chalet wearing an orange Mansfield coat. She will help to connect you with your coach**


U8 – 9:45am meet on Chalet Run

U10 – 9:45am meet on Chalet Run

U12 – 9:45am meet on Hemlock (far side of the magic carpet)

U14 SOD – 9:45am meet on Hemlock (far side of the magic carpet)

U16 SOD – 9:45am meet on Hemlock (far side of the magic carpet)

U19 – 9:00am meet on Hemlock (far side of the magic carpet)

U14 OCup – 9:00am meet on Hemlock (far side of the magic carpet)

U16 OCup – 9:00am meet on Hemlock (far side of the magic carpet)

*OCup and U19 programs will start as normal at 8:30am beginning Jan.5th


Training Squad – 9:45am meet outside the back of the Chalet

Need For Speed Saturday – 9:45am meet at the bottom of Chalet Run/bottom of Low’s chair


Need For Speed Sunday – 9:45am meet at the bottom of Chalet Run/bottom of Low’s chair

Adult Race Training – 10:00am meet at the bottom of the Javelin Chair


Dec.22nd Email:

  1. For the few who haven’t completed your AOA registration (U12,U14.U16,U19 only) please do that ASAP, race entries are happening very soon and I will not be able to get your child on the entry list unless that is done.
  2. You have probably noticed that you have been added to a Team Snap group. They have been set up primarily as an inter-team communication platform. It looks like it will come in particularly handy for parents with kids heading in all different directions. I am going to turn these over to each of the team managers to take care of. Coaches will be added to the groups as well. Please note that if you need to get hold of me during the season, I will not be monitoring these Snap accounts, but you can always reach me by email.
  3. We are still looking for Team Managers for Training Squad, U8, U10, U12, U14 & U19. If you are able to help with the team communication, organizing of volunteers for home races and team party, please let me know. We need you!
  4. If you plan to allow your child (U12 and younger) to leave their program either following the morning session or at the end of the day without your presence, please be sure to complete the attached Release Permission Form and hand it over to their coach on the first day of programming. Without this, they must stay in their coaches’ care. I will also have some on my desk if you would like a hard copy.
  5. If you are available, we are in desperate need of race volunteers on the following dates: Fri. Jan.4th, Sun. Jan.6th, Sat. Jan.26th, Sun. Feb.3. If you are able to help in any capacity, please let me know. We will especially need lots of hands for gatekeeping! We can offer 2 free guest passes on your account if you are able to help.
  6. We have one extra (brand new) size 8 insulated blue Mansfield coat for re-sale if you are interested. We also have a junior large GS suit.  Let me know if you would like to purchase either one.
  7. If there are any Training Squad or Need For Speed racers who would like to join the Christmas Camp happening Dec.27-31st, please let me know ASAP.
  8. Reminder to all that the New Year’s Training Camp Jan.2-4th is optional, let me know if you would like to register.


Schedules Are Published

For U12, U14, U16 & U19 SOD click here: https://www.alpineontario.ca/sod-cup-schedule/
For OCUP and Ontario FIS click here: https://www.alpineontario.ca/ocup-schedule/
For U8, U10 and Need For Speed click here: http://www.mansfieldskiclub.com/racing-programs/race-schedules/


Upcoming dates:

Thurs. Dec.27th – 3:00pm – U8, U10, U12 Race Parent meeting in the Race Centre

Sat. Dec.29th – 3:00pm U14, U16, U19 Race Parent meeting in the Race Centre

Sun. Dec.30th – 3:00pm Larissa Yurkiw

Fri. Jan.4th – U10/U12 Sign of the Skier Invitational

Saturday Dec. 29th – 3:00pm – U14, U16, U19 Parent Meeting in the Race Centre

Sunday Dec.30th – Larissa Yurkiw is coming to visit, she will spend some time with teams on snow and talk with us all at 3:00pm upstairs in the chalet.

Monday Dec. 31st Time Trials 9:00am Inspection for U14, U16, U19 (meet early!) 11:00am (approximate) Inspection for U8, U10 & U12 (this will  run through the lunch hour to get ahead of an unfavourable forecast). Groups meet as normal at 9:45am.

2:00pm – Sidecut High Performance Tuning Clinic with Chris Hillier in the Race Centre. Chris was a World Cup ski mechanic, join him for a world class tuning demonstration.

Saturday Jan.5th

10:00am Gatekeeper clinic: join us in the Race Centre to get familiar with the ins and outs of gatekeeping – U12 + parents – you will be recruited to do this role this winter! OCup and U19 parents – this will also cover the duties of start ref,  finish ref and head gatekeeper – please join us!!


Friday Training

Optional Friday Training begins on Friday Jan.11th. Friday training offers race participants a mix of technical free skiing and gate training. There is an emphasis on environment learning where participants engage in high volume training (many runs). Training courses and drill exercises are designed to introduce and develop specific SL & GS skills. These optional training days are open to all racers ages U10 and up. Participants must register by the Wednesday prior to guarantee a spot and ensure adequate coaching ratios. Please email Kate in the coming weeks if your racer would like to attend.


Gatekeepers Needed!
If you are able to volunteer for gatekeeping on any of the following dates: Fri. Jan.4th,  Sun. Jan.6th, Sat. Jan.26th please let Kate know. We will be very short of volunteers those days and would be happy to offer anyone 2 free guest passes if your child is not in the race and you can help! Many thanks in advance!!