Everything we do, we believe family comes first. We believe safe fun packed family weekends, every weekend, should be your reality. The way we guarantee family comes first is by creating a caring ski community with a strong sense of family close to home.

Membership Options

Built by families for families, our members often call Mansfield Ski Club their second home. If you’re looking for a family focused ski club close to home then look no further, come and join us!

STEP 1: Membership Type

a) Full Membership = $7,500 + Annual Fees – Full Membership at Mansfield Ski Club is the perfect opportunity for you and your family to enjoy our history and help to build our future all while forming lasting friendships and lifelong memories.

b) Introductory Membership = $1,500 + Annual Fees – Join us for a 1-year trial and be part of the Mansfield Family for a season.

STEP 2: Request Annual Fees

Annual Fees are calculated based on your individual family makeup. To receive your quotes please make a “Quote Request” below.

They will clearly breakdown the Initiation Fee, Annual Membership Fees and the Payment Schedule.

Program Information

With world class programming, our snow professionals provide instructional, freestyle and racing programs for all ages and abilities!

Instructional Programs 

Snow School Director




Miranda Sorenson
Snow School Director
CSIA Level 4, CSCF Level 2
800.461.1212 ext. 225

Race Programs 




Ken Ellis
Head Coach
CSIA Level 3, CSCF Level 4
800.461.1212 ext. 234



We offer 17 private slopes, 7 lifts including: 2 quad-chairlifts, 1 triple-chairlift, 2 t-bar lifts, beginner area handle tow and a far stretching magic carpet.


We offer complete snow-making coverage, terrain and cross track parks, and pre-planned social events for our members.


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