Freestyle FAQ

  1. Question: What is Freestyle?
    Answer: In Freestyle skiing and snowboarding, our athletes learn how to perform various on-air and ground tricks while riding skis or a snowboard. The primary objective of the sport is to perform various types of jumps, rail slides, tricks, and switch riding.
  2. Question: What is the progression of freestyle?
    Answer: Freestyle has both a ski and snowboard component.  Please refer to the links below for the athlete pathway for both ski and snowboard.
    Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) – Canada Snowboard
    Home | Long Term Athlete Deveopment (
  3. Question: It seems like a big commitment to join a freestyle program, both weekend days fully occupied in programs.  We’re on the fence about it.  Why should we do this? Answer: We find that the strongest (often lifelong) friendships are formed in the full weekend programs. Kids develop closer friendships when they are immersed in a group of peers with common interest. Parents and families also have a similar experience as they get to know one another through event attendance and volunteering.
  4. Question: What are the equipment needs at different ages? Answer: The great thing about freestyle is that there really aren’t any specific equipment needs.  All you need is a snowboard or a pair of twin tip skis.
  5. Question: We sometimes miss the odd weekend or the odd day.  Is that a problem for the race/ freestyle program? Answer: It is not a problem to miss a program day, but it is helpful for coaches to know of your absence in advance.