COVID-19 & The 21/22 Ski Season – What Members Need To Know

Due to the fluidity of the pandemic in Southern Ontario and across the country, these outlined operational procedures are subject to change at any time.

Policies Updated: January 5th, 2022 – 4:15 pm

COVID Protocols

Masks/Face Shields
Masks must be worn in all inside spaces, outside line ups, on lifts or anytime a distance of 2 meters (6 feet) cannot be maintained. If you are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons, you are required to contact the Club prior to your visit. A face shield will then be mandatory.

Vaccination Policy

We have implemented a mandatory COVID vaccination policy for all members, guests, staff and volunteers for the 2021-2022 season that are 12 years of age and older.

Individuals are not considered fully vaccinated until 14 days after their second and/or final dose of a vaccine protocol. Questions regarding your vaccine status should be directed to your individual local public health office.

Any individual who requires an accommodation with respect to vaccination status for medical reasons, will be required to provide the QR code from Public Health supporting this. Please contact our Human Resources Department for more details.

QR code proof of vaccination must be provided by all members and staff before you can pick up your badges. Guests to the club will need to show their QR code at the time they pick up their lift ticket.

Children Under 12 Travelling Outside of Canada/Coming from Outside of Canada

Mansfield will be following the Public Health protocols and will not permit children under the age of 12 who are not fully vaccinated and have travelled outside Canada, or have travelled from outside Canada, to be at the club until 14 days after their return or arrival date.

Click Here to Read the Government Requirements

Click Here to Read the Government Reference for Travelers

Daily Arrival at the Club


All members will be parking in the upper (main) parking lot. The lot has been reconfigured so that after parking, members come into the Club though an access gate after checking in with the Ambassador Hut staff located in the middle of the island close to the Winter Activities Center.

Health Screening/Contact Tracing

All members and guests will need to complete a health screening as they arrive at the Club. We ask that you please use THIS LINK when you arrive to check in at the Ambassador Hut. If you complete the form too early in the day, the submission screen that we need to see may have refreshed causing you to need to complete the screening again. If you prefer to not use your cell phone data, you can complete the screening and take a screenshot of the submitted page to show us.

There will be a QR code at the Ambassador Hut that can be scanned as well for accessing the screening.

Please note, we are not using the MyMedBot app this season.

Access to the Club

All members are asked to enter the Club through the access point in the middle island.  Please present your mobile device with your health screening result for you (and your children if applicable) to the staff member stationed there.  This will provide us with the health information and contact tracing that we are required to gather by our Public Health Unit. Guest sign-ins will be limited this season, advanced reservation is required, a minimum of 48-hours prior to arrival. We will not be doing any day of ticket sales.

For those Members with chalets at the top and bottom of the hill

With ski-in, ski-out access, your member badge will be colour coded and we ask that you present your health screening App to the lift operator at Low’s Chair prior to your first ride up.

General Club Usage

Under the current modified Stage 2 guidelines, the Main Chalet will be used for dressing, quick warm up breaks and washrooms access only. There is NO eating or drinking permitted inside any building at the club. Masks must be worn at ALL times while indoors. Tables have been removed to provide the most possible space when warming up indoors.

Buildings are at 50% capacity. If there are no chairs are available use, then the room is at capacity.

This also means that the building can not be used as a waiting area for parents during lessons, to do work on laptops or to take a Zoom call. All indoor time should be kept to 15 minutes.

Children should be supervised at all times while indoors.

All lunches, snacks and beverages are be to all be consumed outdoors.

Washroom use in the Main Chalet remains open. Outdoor washrooms are available by the Chili Shack and beside the Administration Building near the parking lot.

Picnic tables are available for use around the Main Chalet and the Chili Shack area. Please do not reserve tables and keep your meal times relatively short so that your table can be used by another family.

Food and Beverage will be available for take-out only midweek the cafeteria. On weekends, take-out is available from the cafeteria, Chili Shack and from the Javelin Café located on the corner of the Main Chalet near the deck at the bottom of the Javelin Chair.

Hearth Room table service is available at the picnic tables outside  on the upper deck. Take-out meals from the Hearth Room can be purchased from the Javelin Café as well.

Locker Room Access

The locker room will remain open access equipment storage only and accessible by members. The locker room will NOT be open for dressing/changing. Your bags are to be stored in your vehicle or neatly in the Main Chalet, provided shelf space is available. The Main Chalet can be used for dressing/changing. Eating and drinking are not allowed in the locker room.

If you currently have boots/helmets/personal items the locker room, you will be granted access to the locker room to collect these items. We ask that you take home your personal items for now such as helmets, gloves, jackets and boots.

Winter Activity Center (WAC) – 12 people capacity

The WAC is open for rentals, repairs, tuning and retail sales. Our retail area offers many items from hand warmers, to helmets, to MSC logo wear. Please keep in mind that some items may not be available for pre-purchase try on such as masks.

We will be offering a contactless transaction tuning service for members with lockers that can book skis to be tuned during the week.  Your skis will be tuned and ready to go for the next weekend. Limited next day tuning is available, conditions apply.

Cashless Transactions

In an effort to minimize physical contact among staff and guests, we will be no longer accepting cash for transactions at the Club. Going forward, transactions can be made by member account, debit, or credit card (Visa and MasterCard). We ask that you activate your House Account for you and your family. This is a great way for us to speed up service while getting you to where you need to go. Please note – there is a 2.5% convivence surcharge all purchases made on Visa or MasterCard. We encourage you to use your debit card to avoid this additional fee.

Member Badges

If you have not yet picked up your badges, please ensure that you have filled out your online waiver and submitted your QR code proof of vaccinations. Badges will be available for pick up from the Ambassador Hut during regular business hours. If you are unsure if you have completed your waivers, please contact us to check.

Directional and Distancing Signage

Please follow all directional and distancing signage in all buildings and outside queues. It has been designed to keep everyone comfortably distanced.

Kids Zone

Our childminding area will be open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Pre-registration is requested. Ages 2 to 6 are welcome. Masks are HIGHLY recommended for these ages if possible.

Our nursing room is also located in this area and open for use any day the club is open for skiing.


While this season will certainly look different from those in the past, and some of the necessary measures we have taken may be inconvenient, we ask for your patience and cooperation.  We will do our very best to not only keep you and your family safe, but provide you with an exceptional 2021/2022 season.