Race Banquet Award Winners

2023 Team Awards

Training Squad
Most Improved Girl: Isla Touchie
Most Improved Boy: Ben Armstrong & Rory Mateer
Best Sport: Abby Dowdall & Addie Gairdner

U8 6 Year Olds
Most Improved Girl: Bridget Bryne
Most Improved Boy: Dallyn Bean
Best Sport: TBA

U8 7 year Olds
Most Improved Girl: Pierce Dowdall
Most Improved Boy: Alison McCauge
Best Sport: Sam MacIntosh

U10 8 Year Olds
Most Improved Girl: Cecily Rennehagen
Most Improved Boy: Andrew Gilbert
Best Sport: Sadie McCurdy

U10 9 Year Olds
Most Improved Girl: Olivia Glenn
Most Improved Boy: Misha Unger
Best Sport: Emma Ferguson

Most Improved Girl: Kyleigh Skene
Most Improved Boy: Theo MacIntosh
Best Sport: Hailey Himmelman

U12 Extended
Most Improved Racers: Juliet Lama & Liam Etherington
Most Improved Skier: Ada & Bridget Emanoilidis
Best Sport: Phoebe Nobbs

Most Improved Boy: Oliver Duchesne
Most Improved Girl: Estelle Lama
Best Sport: Max Follett

Most Improved Girl: Delia McQuay
Best Sport: TBA

Most Improved Boy: Jack Duchesne
Most Improved Girl: Katya Stetic
Best Sport: Ian Gardner

Most Improved Boy: TBA
Most Improved Girl: Mariana Maksymec
Best Sport: Katie Tripp

Most Improved Skier: Penny Mclean  
Best Sport: Kendall Jones 

Need for Speed Team Awards

Need For Speed Sat – Ritch Couper’s Group
Most Improved Skier: Bianca Montanari
Best Sport: Olivia Torres

Need For Speed Sat – Reid Sarjeant’s Group
Most Improved Skier: Connor Jamieson & Lucy Broadbent
Best Sport: Anna Sophie Heppenstall

Need For Speed Sat – Bruce Moffat’s Group
Most Improved Skiers: Emmett Siena & Lilly Tew
Best Sport: Amanda Unger

Need For Speed Sat – Mats Leis’ Group
Most Improved Skier: Lini MacArthur
Best Sport: Waylon Peterson

Need For Speed Sat – Leah Ferman’s Group
Most Improved Skier: Gwen Cochrane
Best Sport: Sophie Brands

Need For Speed Sat – Alexandria Lawson’s Group
Most Improved Skier: Henry Toombs
Best Sport: Nate Da Costa

Need For Speed Sat – Andrew Senior’s Group
Most Improved Skiers: Maleah Payne & Cole Da Costa
Best Sport: Ruby Wallace

Need For Speed Sun– Ava Bechard’s Group
Most Improved Skiers: Nicholas Gula & Serena Patriquin
Best Sport: Adriano Bozzo

Need For Speed Sun– Reid Sarjeant’s Group
Most Improved Skiers: William Dodds & Jocelyn Keyes
Best Sport: Ali Harrington

Need For Speed Series Awards

Saturday NFS

U10 Girls: 1st – Ruby Wallace, 2nd – Grace Rutters, 3rd- Amira Alibhai
U10 Boys : 1st – William Wallace, 2nd – Connor Jamieson, 3rd – Carter Griffiths
10+ Girls: 1st – Bianca Montanari, 2nd – Olivia Torres & Ella Baker, 3rd – Amanda Unger
10+ Boys: 1st – Anthony Tito, 2nd – Emmett Siena

Sunday NFS

 Girls: 1st – Josephine Tito, 2nd- Serena Patriquin, 3rd- Anastasia Gula
Boys: 1st – William Dodds, 2nd – Adriano Bozzo, 3rd- Dylan Georgie

Awards Of Distinction

U10 Abby Award – For Positive Energy, Passion for the Sport. Commitment & Support of Teammates
Abigail Robinson

John Saulhammel Award – For Dedication, Spirit & Sportsmanship
Katie Tripp

John Low Trophy – Best Points During the Race Season
OCUP: Kylie Ferguson, 408 World Cup Points
SOD: Maya Mikitchook, 310 World Cup Points

Golden Boot Award – Recognition of Volunteer Support
Malcolm Nobbs

Stephen Boyd Trophy – Coach of the year
Instructor: Beth Wallace
Coach: Rachel Litherland

Ken Ellis Rookie Coach of the Year
Jake Chorcolan