Racing at Mansfield

Mansfield Ski Club prides itself on a long and rich racing history.  In both skiing and snowboarding, we have produced athletes that have enjoyed success on both provincial and national stages.  We offer a full complement of ski and snowboard racing programs for all ages and abilities.  Whether you have your sights set on “going for gold”, or are just looking for a little friendly competition, we have the program for you!

Why race at Mansfield?
1.We promote sport as a FUNdamental to the growth and development of children and teens.
2.We create learning environments and opportunities which respect children and teens as individuals all of whom develop at their own rates.
3.We foster friendship and community – racing gives us opportunities to engage with, appreciate and respect all members of Mansfield and the larger community of sport.

This is why racing at Mansfield is special!

For further information contact our Race Department:

Kate Rutters, Race Administrator
800-461.1212, ext. 239

Mike Stratton, Head Coach
800-461-1212, ext. 234