Racing up Policy

Age Group Teams

With a growing number of participants in our U8 to U14 Programs we have established “age based” teams at each of the younger “Under Age” group  categories; i.e., U8, U10, U12 & U14.

This means that once a child is registered in an Age Category they will be placed on the specific team which corresponds to their YOB.  For example, if a child is 10 years of age (as of December 31) they would automatically be placed in the U12 Program on the 10 year old team.

At no time would a child be moved down within their Age Group Team/Category.

Racing-Up Policy

When a young skier demonstrates themselves (according to criteria explained below) to be exceptional within their age, the coaches of that age group, in consultation with the Head Coach, may determine that it is in the development interest of the young skier to move them up to the next age – no more than one year.

To be considered exceptional a young skier will:

  • demonstrate current technical abilities well in advance of peers their age and on par with those skiers in the age above
  • have race times (from the current year’s Christmas Camp/Series Races well in advance of their peers and on par with those skiers in the age above
  • be mature enough to fit in with the skiers on the older age Team/Category.

During the Christmas Camp the coaching staff will have the opportunity to observe and assess each skier, and if during this process a skier is identified as being exceptional within their age, and it is the coaches’ consensus that the young skier would develop better and would be able to fit into the age above, then that recommendation could be made to the parents by the Head Coach.  There would be no requirement for the young racer to move up but they would have the opportunity to do so.  Likewise parents can make a similar request to the Head Coach to have their child considered for moving up.

Racing up in the U8, U10 and U12 age groups happen within the club.  Racing up into the U14, U16 and U18 age groups are generally not possible as athletes in these age groups are Nationally Carded through Alpine Canada.