Coaching Fees

When a racer chooses to participate in any additional training or racing days that are outside of their pre-registered program, there is a daily additional fee that is incurred called a “coaching fee”. These fees can be expected for such things as; Invitational events (ex: Mastermind, Gooch Cup, POD Cup, U14/U16 Spring Series, SOD Championships, Provincial and National Championships, CANAMs, Whistler Cup).

Coaching fees are set annually and advertised in the Program Booklet available on the Club website.

Friday Training/Additional Coaching Days

The Individual Day fee is $85.00.

Coaching Expenses

In addition to coaching fees, when a coach has to travel and stay out of town for a competition/training their expenses for accommodation, meals and travel will be shared and charged to the participating athletes.  This  would include, but are not limited to, out of SOD Provincial Championships or National Championships, CANAM Finals, Whistler Cup, USA Snowboard National Championships.

Race Entry Fees

Most race events which a racer attends have a race entry fee which is payable by the participant. Participants of the AOA U12 through U16 SOD Race Series pay their race entry fees directly to Alpine Ontario when they register with AOA prior to the start of the season.

O’Cup and U19 racers pay their fees on a race by race basis – this is done by the MSC Race Administrator and then charged to the family account. This is the same procedure that is used for all age groups attending Invitational events and/or Championships as referred to above.

U8, U10 and NFS races which are hosted at Mansfield (including the Club Championships) do not have any race entry fee associated with them.


Attending a race event may include the following costs: (1) MSC Coaching Fees as set annually, (2) coaching expenses and (3) race entry fees.