What Our Members Say About Mansfield

Joining Mansfield was a whim. An inkling that we just needed to do this. That we had only one go at family life.

The result has been nothing short of life changing. What we thought would be occasional weekend ski days turned out to be a full immersion into a wonderfully rich outdoor life.

Interruption free days spent with our children on the hill; chatting and laughing on the lifts, hot chocolates by crackling fires complete with like minded families and new fast friends — priceless experiences that we can’t imagine now living without.

We can only say just make the jump. Get outside. Get on the hill. Grab the sporting life, take hold of your family time and step outside with friends. This is what Mansfield means. It’s not a skill club. It’s an outdoor family-life paradise — a real quality of life.

We are a young family that wanted to make Skiing our winter priority. After visiting and researching area ski hills and clubs we agreed that Mansfield was the perfect match, offering excellent ski programs, amenities and social events.

Since joining the club in 2016 we have felt at home with the many members that treat Mansfield like a big family. We have enjoyed countless weekends skiing with friends and watching our daughters develop their skiing skills and make new friends.

The social atmosphere offered at the club has led to many friendship and bonds that have extended beyond the ski season for all members of our family. We feel this atmosphere is mainly due to the many professional staff members that work very hard to offer dozens of social events during and after the ski day.

The Mansfield Ski Club has become a huge part of our life and we look forward to many more seasons.

We joined Mansfield on a trial membership in 2007 and it was an absolute no-brainer when it came time to convert to a permanent membership.  Our son and daughter made instant friends and joined their respective ski and snowboard teams.  They loved being on the snow all winter, they loved the competition, and they made great friends.  Later on they worked at the Club as coaches and instructors.  And now that they are moving on to the next phase of life, they love coming home to Mansfield whenever they can, to ski and ride with old friends.

We feel so lucky to be surrounded by such a warm community, with quick access to the city, and by staff who show they care every time I get on the lift – that’s the Mansfield difference.

What is my favourite time at Mansfield?  Just before my last run of the day, late in the afternoon in the fading light, standing at the top of Javelin overlooking the Pine River Valley, thinking about how lucky I am to be skiing at Mansfield.

Our family was introduced to Mansfield in January 2018, after referrals from friends and colleagues. Mansfield was instantly appealing as a safe hill for our two young sons to continue to develop their skiing and also fun for the whole family. Since becoming members we have enjoyed great skiing conditions, apres at the chalet, a welcoming club and have connected with some good friends! Mansfield’s setting in the rolling hills of Mulmur is beautifully scenic and has been a great place to spend our weekends.
We have found that Mansfield is within a good commuting distance of the GTA, which has been great to coordinate around busy schedules and sports.

We have made great memories with our boys and are very excited for the seasons to come!

Our family join this year and we counted over 35 days on the hill this season!

I rediscovered my passion for riding after a long break. My wife enjoyed the lessons and meeting other members with the ladies only ski program. Our son would eagerly ask when the next freestyle jam or kids race was and our daughter made new “best Mansfield friends” while in her 8 week junior ski program.

The amazing kids après programming allowed us to enjoy some adult après too!  The perfect end to a great day on the hills.

But above all, the moments riding up the lift with the family laughing and talking were the best times of all.

We are a family of 4, with 2 boys, age 16 and 13. We’ve been members at Mansfield Ski Club 2012. The decision to join MSC was one of the best we’ve ever made. For a small investment, we have been able to embrace Canadian winters, stay active, provide our kids with a safe place to experience freedom, and make some great family friends along the way. 

Mansfield provides many opportunities for skill development on the hill through their programs and lessons. Our family started skiing 7 years ago and it is now a lifelong skill we will all enjoy for years to come.  In addition to great skiing (when Mother Nature doesn’t provide, the Mansfield snowmaking crew do!), there is a full social calendar for everyone to enjoy.  We have made some great friends and enjoy the events offered by the club.  And on days when we feel the need to take a break from skiing (which aren’t many), there are plenty of other activities, including yoga, snowshoeing, or shopping at the farmers market.  But the greatest benefit of all is the opportunity Mansfield provides for us to continue to enjoy a family activity together. 

We excitedly anticipate the winter season, and each Saturday and Sunday, our now teenage boys are up early and ready to get on the hill.  There is no other place I’d want my kids to be!!

What is the Mansfield Ski Club experience? For us, it’s best described as family, friends and fun.

Family – we feel there’s no better way to spend the winter than being outdoors and active together as a family. Mansfield is a truly family-friendly place and we love that the kids are always welcome and a central focus of the Club.

Friends – when first thinking of joining Mansfield we were struck by the friendliness of the members and staff. What began as brief chats with strangers on the lifts, at the Chili Shack and the main chalet, have grown into great friendships and a real sense of community.

Fun – from marshmallows and hot chocolate to dance parties, fireworks, movie nights, and races, there’s always something fun to look forward to. How lucky we feel to have our winter filled with good times, smiles and laughter.