2021 Race Award Banquet Winners

Congratulations to all of our winners! 

Team Awards

Training Squad
Most Improved Girl: Niia Mortazavi
Most Improved Boy: Ben Unger
Best Sport: Serena Patriquin

Need For Speed Saturday U10
Most Improved Girl: Isla Tintpulver
Most Improved Boy: Benjamin Akkawai
Best Sport: Caroline Krishnappa

Need For Speed Saturday 10+
Most Improved Girl: Abbey Ross
Most Improved Boy: Emmett Siena
Best Sport: Julia DeCamargo

Need For Speed Sunday
Most Improved Girl: Brooklyn Jopling
Most Improved Boy: Jaxon Jopling
Best Sport: Ali Harrington

U8 6 Year Olds
Most Improved Girl: Vivian Duschesne
Most Improved Boy: Hill Clarke
Best Sport: Diarmuid Martin

Most Improved Girl: Olivia Glenn
Most Improved Boy: Hudson Henry
Best Sport: Cecily Rennehagen

Most Improved Girl: Hailey Himmelman
Most Improved Boy: Finn Henry
Best Sport: Frankie Alarie

U12 10 year olds
Most Improved Girl: Cora Siena
Most Improved Boy: Marc Vicens
Best Sport: Samantha Colby

U12 11 year olds
Most Improved Girl: Isabella Akkawai
Most Improved Boy: Christopher Ceretti
Best Sport: Max Follet

U12 Extended
Most Improved Girl: Delila McQuay
Most Improved Boy: Lincoln Martin
Best Sport: Mackenzie Martin

U14 SOD 12 year olds
Most Improved Girl: Penny McLean
Most Improved Boy: Lukas Colby
Best Sport: Sophia Maksymec

U14 SOD 13 year olds
Most Improved Girl: Tessa Taylor
Most Improved Boy: Sebastian Arellano-Rubach
Best Sport: Keenan Ferguson

U14 OCup
Most Improved Girl: Kendal Jones
Most Improved Boy: Stefan Preiner
Best Sport: Alec Locklin

U16 OCup
Most Improved: Matthew Poulter
Best Sport: Max Wilson

U16/U19 SOD Team
Most Improved Girl: Rory Wilkins
Most Improved Boy: Oliver McLean
Best Sport: Katie Tripp

Awards of Distinction

The U10 Abby Award: for passion, teammate support, effort and FUN
Kylie Ferguson

John Saulhammel Award: for Overall Dedication, Spirit & Sportsmanship
Mason Priest

John Low Memorial Trophy: for best points earned during the racing season

The Golden Boot Award: for Volunteer Support and Dedication
Stephen Boyd Memorial Trophy: for the Coach & Instructor who has shown Excellence
Noah Heisz

Rookie Coach of the Year